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Night Pillows

Night Pillows

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Embark on a magical journey to the night sky and down to earth with our enchanting star, moon, cloud and carrot plush set. This heavenly and whimsical set is designed to brighten your day and fill you with joy and warmth.

Soft and adorable plush toys that capture the beauty and tranquility of the night sky. Each of them is decorated with realistic details and soft colors that make them irresistible to hug. Place them on your bed or on a bookshelf to create a fairytale atmosphere in any room.

These stuffed animals are made with high quality materials that make them durable and resistant. They are ideal for children and adults alike, and are perfect for gifting on special occasions or simply to brighten someone's day.


-Star: 40x45cm

-Moon: 15x40cm

-Cloud: 30x45cm

-Carrot: 33x50 cm

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