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Capybara plush

Capybara plush

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Immerse yourself in the tender and exotic Amazon jungle with our adorable capybara plush. This stuffed animal is a perfect replica of one of the most charismatic and beloved mammals in South America, the capybara. With its soft fur and realistic details, this plush captures the essence and friendliness of these unique animals.

Our capybara plush is the perfect companion for nature lovers and fans of exotic animals. Ideal for hugging and snuggling, providing comfort and warmth to people of all ages. Whether for children who love animals or adults looking for a special gift, this capybara plush is a charming choice.

-Color: reddish brown

-Size: 18cm

-Material: soft plush and good PP cotton.

-Packing: 1 piece in a OPP bag

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